Horsham Museum and Art Gallery runs two  popular Reminiscence loans services for individual people to borrow or within care homes and caring sector in the district. Please note that due to the museum's temporary closure this service is currently suspended.

Reminiscence Mini Boxes for individuals

This services allows you to borrow small loan boxes to use at home with an elderly friend/relative, meeting the growing demand by people who are helping those with dementia.

Boxes Currently Available:

1. Household Bygones

2. Hobbies & Pastimes

3.  Through the Decades

4. Men's Night Out

The loan is free (a returnable £10 deposit) and the boxes can be borrowed for two weeks.

To book please call 01403 254 959 (open Monday- Friday 10-5) with the box number you require.

Reminiscence Boxes for care homes and carers in the district

*Please note, these are not suitable for loan to schools. Please see Learning for more information on our education service.

Loan BoxesThe Reminiscence Loan Boxes are loaned free of charge to residential homes, sheltered accommodation and any club for the elderly throughout the Horsham District. The boxes are also available to organisations for the elderly outside the District for an annual fee of £100. This fee allows you to borrow as many boxes as you like and also gives you a discount on the fee for Reminiscence Training. We ask that you allow three working days notice before collecting your loan box.Loan Boxes

For new organisation or new employees, reminiscence training is being offered by the Museum in the form of short sessions of two to three hours, either for individuals or small groups. The sessions will be held in the Hurst Room at the Museum and will hopefully be flexible enough to offer you the chance to attend, either as a newcomer to the service or as a refresher. The cost will be £15 per person per session (including refreshments). If a group from one centre want to attend training sessions the Museum will have the ability to deliver this to you at your location. Please telephone the Museum on 01403 254959 or email us for further details or to book a session.

The reminiscence service is run by a small team of trained volunteers who work part time. They are delighted to help but there may be restrictions on what they are able to do due to limitations in resources.

How to borrow a loan box:

This service is free in the Horsham District and is available from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4.45pm only.

  1. Choose a box from the list of loan boxes and quizzes. A full list is available to download.
  2. Telephone the Museum on 01403 254959 allowing three working days before you wish to collect your box. This is because the services is administered by volunteers. Have a second and third choice in case your first choice is not available. You will be able to return a box and borrow one at the same time.
  3. Come into the Museum to collect your loan box, allowing time to sign the loan box form.

A full list of the 44 Boxes and 12 Quiz boxes available can be found below. Please click on the individual box number for a detailed contents list for each box:

  1. The Forties
  2. Recycling - nothing new
  3. The Fifties
  4. Shopping
  5. The 1960s
  6. Sporting Life
  7. The Old Bull and Bush
  8. When we were young
  9. Uniforms
  10. School Days
  11. Childhood Years
  12. Holiday Time
  13. Party Time
  14. Let's spring Clean
  15. Mealtimes
  16. Field, food and flowers
  17. Courting days
  18. Touching Memories
  19. The 1970s
  20. Down memory lane
  21. Those were the days
  22. The way we were
  23. Hobbies and pastimes
  24. Games we used to play
  25. Hat's off
  26. Royal family
  27. Allsorts of memories
  28. A mixture of memories
  29. On the High Street A
  30. On the High Street B
  31. On the High Street C
  32. A treasure chest of memories
  33. A pot pourri of memories
  34. Keeping up appearances
  35. Grandma's medicine chest
  36. Trades and professions
  37. Out and about
  38. Wish you were here
  39. Growing Up
  40. Entertainment
  41. The Queen: 90 Years - A Pictorial Record
  42. The 1980s
  43. An Assortment of Memories
  44. Let's Bake and Have Tea

Quiz Boxes

  1. 1940s and Entertainment
  2. 1950s and Royal Family
  3. 1960s and Advertising
  4. 1970s and Food & Drink
  5. Popular music 1940-1960
  6. Songs from Hit Musicals
  7. Diamond Jubilee 2012
  8. Sporting Memories
  9. What is it (Mystery objects)
  10. What Can it Be? (mystery objects)
  11. Entertainment
  12. What am I?

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact the Reminiscence Team at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery.