This event runs from 7th Feb 2018 to 16th Mar 2018

Despite the humble tree being one of the largest living things that we are likely to encounter, these silent giants do not receive the attention that they deserve. Artists and photographers have always strived to capture the spirit of their subjects, whether they are animals, humans or landscapes. Yet, the tree is often ignored or relegated to a background role. However, the work of Cowfold artist, Carole Skinner-Rupniak, captures the beauty of trees as they change with the seasons, the weather and the light.

In her solo exhibition of 35 paintings, Carole’s skill in capturing the beauty of the Sussex landscape is clear to see. The work ranges in scale and detail, from an almost microscopic attention to dewdrops lying on a crumpled leaf, to towering trees dominating the landscape. This fascinating exhibition of colourful and affordable works featuring the Sussex landscape will open visitors’ eyes to the beauty and majesty of one of the most densely wooded counties in Britain.

As visitors to the exhibition will see, Carole’s work is abstract but also grounded in the real world. Through her artist’s eye and a strong command of her palette, Carole has seen the world around her and transformed it into her unique vision of the countryside. Carole’s ability to create abstract works which balance colour and form to create a harmonious vision reflects great skill and attention to detail. The work certainly cannot be described as something that just anyone could produce.

Horsham Museum and Art Gallery are delighted to be able to exhibit the paintings of a local artist who is relatively new to the art world, and whose work is continually evolving and growing. The Own Art interest free loan scheme makes Carole’s work affordable for those on a modest budget or who may have overstretched their wallets at Christmas. It is a unique exhibition and a fantastic opportunity to admire, and possibly to acquire, work by this up and coming artist.

Meet the Artist - take the opportunity to meet Carole Skinner-Rupniak  from 11am-2pm on 10 and 24 February 2018 - free admission