This event runs from 1st Jun 2018 to 28th Jul 2018

This major artistic event tells the story of Kosovo through the eyes of award winning artist Gordon Rushmer.

2018 sees 20 years since the commencement of the Kosovan war and ten year since the country declared independence from Serbia. The NATO intervention in 1999 brought about by Tony Blair was a late attempt to avert a developing disaster. By that time 400,000 Kovovar Albanians had already been displaced and over 1000 civilians killed by Serb forces. A bombing campaigning by NATO air forces was followed by ground forces who pushed the Serb army back into Serbia.

Gordon Rushmer spent time in Kosovo in 2001 as a guest of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, recording both Nato's Kosovo Force operations and the plight of the populace. He experienced both the brutality and compassion of the situation. Brutality in the shape of bus  bombings, casualties and buildings in ruins. Compassion in the story of the "Serb Grannies", two old ladies living in the town of Podujevo, threatened  with murder by Albanian thugs and given protection 24 hours a day by British Forces.The exhibition shows glimpses of life as ordinary people try to exist in situations brought about by a mix of religious bigotry, nationalistic power play by politicians and the evil of gangsterism and thuggery.

A booklet which accompanies this exhibition is available to purchase at a price of £5.

This exhibition is supported by Jamie Rountree of Rountree Tryon Galleries.

Meet the artist -  meet Gordon in person at Horsham Musuem on Saturday 16 June, 11am-1pm and Wednesday 11 July 11am - 1pm.   Admission Free.