This event runs from 30th Sep 2017 to 25th Nov 2017

Photography can capture the raw emotion of the moment- delight or horror, often though the photographer is standing outside looking in, holding the camera.    But what about the camera capturing the internal emotions;  the feelings of the photographer – how revealing could that would be. Thanks to the charity Headway that approach is explored in this brutally frank, but also amazingly positive exhibition  Rather than take away that found identity by speaking for Chris the following are Chris’s own words about why and what this exhibition is about.

My Name is Chris Kew; I am 32 Years old and a survivor of a brain haemorrhage. This is my story.

I was 18 years old when I started suffering from severe headaches. I went to hospital many times over a few days and was sent away and told I had Sinusitis. My headaches become worse and eventually I collapsed and was taken to hospital to find out I had a blood clot behind my eye.

I was rushed to Haywards Heath hospital …My parents were told that I would probably not survive the operation or at best would be heavily disabled if I did manage to survive. ..I eventually woke from the coma and was paralysed and had no memory. …I was sent home with my parents, I didn't know they were my parents at the time… I have never gained back my memory so I had to try and build relationships with my family and friends all over again. I also had to re-learn a lot of life skills so I could try and work again and build new relationships….

I took up photography so I could keep hold of my new memories forever as losing a lot of old memories was hard to overcome.

Fast forward 12 years and I am happily married and have two beautiful children…. Over the last few years I have used photography in a way I never have before. I used it to help me overcome issues I have been going through for years. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I also have many issues I struggle with like fatigue, memory issues. These in turn can cause me to feel stressed, frustrated and lonely.

Over the last few years every time I experienced emotions like these I tried to capture it on camera as I wanted to turn it into something positive. I also wanted to share it with others that may be going through something similar. Most of all, I wanted to make other aware that people may be dealing with a lot of hidden issues.

After my recovery, with the help of Headway West Sussex, I began to put my life back together. Believe it or not this was the hardest part of my recovery.