This event runs from 8th Jul 2017 to 2nd Sep 2017

Thanks to the generosity of a private collector and local Horsham residents, the Museum will be full of bears from the very earliest one  c1910  through to the latest examples. Look out for the adventure playground where bears will be enjoying themselves entertaining adults and children alike.

In addition to lots of young bear cubs who play all day on a specially designed playground, the Museum has a 100 year old Steiff – Toby - who is looking after the campers. One bear, whose owner passed away a few years ago, had lived with her since she was a child. To help this bear remember her, the Museum has blown up a photograph of her with her pet cat. He cannot cope with the fun and frolics so sits on his own and is happy to see the public, but not join in.

Also on display are a Jewish bear, an Egyptian bear with a camel skin nose, and a couple of small bears who have been together since their owners married.  There are giant bears three feet tall and tiny bears only one inch high.  The Horsham bear designer Andy West has allowed 5 of his more excitable bears to come to the camp, to get them out of his hair whilst he looks after others at his home.

The bears are having so much fun at the camp that they are not bothering to read the brief history of the bears and their makers.  Nor have they read the extracts of a brilliant report by two vets on diseases of Teddy Bears – or to give their scientific name Brunus edwardii. Fortunately most of the bears at the camp do not seem to suffer with the range of illnesses written about in the learned paper. This detailed report has rarely been seen by the public, only appearing in the academic press, and gives the visitor an insight into the illnesses that inflict the poor Teddy, from soggy ears to lopsided eyes.

As you will have gathered Making Summer Bearable at Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum is a fun exhibition celebrating over 100 years of Teddy Bears. Free to humans and bears alike, it is a great way to make summer bearable. Horsham Museum & Art Gallery would like to thank all the bears for coming along and their owners/guardians for allowing their furry companions a holiday and making it such a great exhibition. The exhibition runs from 8 July until 2 September 2017.