The earliest item of costume in the collection is a 1570-90 ladies nightcap. The Museum also has a small number of 17th Century items such as a sock, or sampler. The Museum's 18th and early 19th century collection have grown to include a number of waistcoats, dresses and samplers. However it is the late Victorian era through to the 1970s, which are the particular strength of the museum collection. Most of the costume has been donated to the collection rather than purchased and thus reflects everyday wear rather than couture clothing. There are however one or two striking examples such as the Galena Shawl. The Horsham Museum and Art Gallery mounts a monthly costume of the month as well as bi-annual costume displays which involve a change of at least 10 items of clothing.

Costume accessories
There is a separate gallery in the museum where you will see at least part of the Museum's 350 shoe collection and hats.

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Big Dress Catalogue (2778.85 Kb)