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Horsham Museum and Art Gallery issues news releases on a regular basis. The news releases on this page represent the latest 15 issued. If you are looking for a news item outside of the latest 15, please use the year groupings in the right links.


Getting your Oats
06 Nov 2012

Horsham’s Regency Gingerbread with oats has been created by Lesley Ward and Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum to create a lost taste that Horsham was famous for until World War One

Worn to Death
01 Nov 2012

The exhibition ‘Worn to Death’ opens on 2 November 2012 and runs until the end of April 2013. With over 12 garments on display and other fascinating items to accompany them, it is an intriguing exhibition

Celebrating a unique Horsham Gem
19 Oct 2012

A Celebration of Flowers is being launched at Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum with a month-long display of some of the original watercolours

Willow to Wire
10 Oct 2012

Award winning maker Mary Crabb will be showing a collection of woven objects designed and made using basketry and textile techniques.

Cutting Edge Remembrance
20 Sep 2012

For Horsham DFAS it is the ‘Ruby Age,’ and for the museum, thanks to the generous gift, 2012 could be classed as its ‘Ceramic age!’

Ashurst Celebrity
12 Sep 2012

In 1989, Laurence Olivier, one of this country’s most famous and iconic figures, died. A much-loved man, who inspired a nation and created lasting memories

Summer of Great British Art
13 Jun 2012

Thanks to amazing good fortune Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is able to showcase work by Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein, Paul Nash, Ivon Hitchens, Stanley Spencer and 12 other greats of British art in a temporary exhibition called A summer of Great British Art

God Save the Queen
25 Jun 2012

Whatever your age, you were unlikely to have escaped flared trousers, platform shoes or lengthening hair styles. ‘“God Save The Queen” – A Step Back to the 1970s’ explores the stuff of nostalgia

A Worthy Successor to Millais?
20 Sep 2012

The exhibition ‘Art in Nature’ gives the people of Horsham and Sussex the opportunity to see the range and talent of a Horsham artist over a variety of canvases and prints.

A highly polished diamond
25 May 2012

It took 60 years to make, involved many different facets, but it radiated out enough light to shine 115 years later - it is the last Diamond jubilee: that of Queen Victoria in 1897

A Host of Sparrows
29 Aug 2012

A nationally important forgotten comic genius is given a one man show at Horsham Museum and Art Gallery this September.

Horsham Olympic Legacy
15 Aug 2012

The museum has just been given the flag of Grenada signed by all the athletes from the team who trained at Broadbridge Heath, including the Olympic Gold winning Kirani James and his coach Harvey Glance

Off the Wall
22 May 2012

A row of wellingtons in a line, a dove flying above a book, a teapot of frolics, a painted room with a vase of flowers in a case – yes, you could say these are strange, quirky or even off the wall

Thoroughly Modern Miss
09 May 2012

There has been a monumental shift in costume and fashion over the last 100 years clearly demonstrated in Horsham Museum’s new exhibition Thoroughly Modern Miss.

Summer of Surprises
02 May 2012

From May to mid-September Horsham Museum and Art Gallery has pulled together a fantastic exhibition programme

Opening Up the Dolls House
17 Jul 2012

Those with butter fingers will no doubt marvel at the wonderful world in miniature created by Horsham Doll’s House Club and now on display at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery this summer

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