History of the Museum Building

Causeway House

With the outbreak of war in 1939 the Council needed more office space, meaning that the Museum faced the threat of being evicted from Park House on North Street, its home since the 1920s. The Museum Society was able to lease Causeway House from Captain Antony, where the displays occupied two rooms. At the end of the war Causeway House came up for sale. Horsham historian William Albery offered the town his large collection of documents and items from his Saddlery collection on condition the Museum was found a permanent home. West Sussex County Council bought the house and the Museum’s future was assured on the Causeway.

Causeway House itself is a medieval building with a series of later extentions, making the fascinating building we see today. In 1980 a guide was put together on the building, describing its various phases of construction.



History of Causeway House leaflet

History of Causeway House leaflet (633.05 Kb)

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