District History

If you are interested in your local history or that of other villages in Horsham District please contact the local societies listed below or visit their websites.

Amberley Working Museum
contact name: Mr Stenning
email: office@amberleymuseum.co.uk 
website: www.amberleymuseum.co.uk
Ashington Local History Society
contact name: Daphne and Brian Norton
email: daphne.norton@tesco.net
website: www.westsussex.info/ashington.shtml

Barns Green and Itchingfield Local History Society
contact name: Mrs P Simpson
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/barns-green.shtml

Beeding and Bramber Local History Society
contact name: Mrs P Nightingale
email: drpnightingale@btinternet.com 
website: www.westsussex.gov.uk/ccm/content/your-council/parish-static-content/upper-beeding.jsp?page=8

Billingshurst Local History Society
contact name: Ms G J Knight
email: g.j.s.knight@btinternet.com 
website: www.billingshurst-community.org.uk/local-orgs.php

Broadbridge Heath Local History Society
contact name: Jonathan England
email: jonathan.england1@btinternet.com 
website: www.westsussex.info/sussex-towns-and-villages-index.shtml

Christ's Hospital Museum
contact name: Tony Hogarth-Smith
email: ths@christs-hospital.org.uk 
website: www.christs-hospital.org.uk/35-school-museum.php

Cowfold Village History Society
contact name: Jan Wright
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/cowfold.shtml

Henfield History Group
contact name: Mrs J Dew
email: henfieldhistorygroup@hotmail.com 
website: www.100megsfree.com/hhg/

Henfield Museum
contact name: Marjorie Carreck
email: office@henfield.gov.u
Website: www.henfield.gov.uk/museum.htm

Horsham Museum Local History Group
contact name: Julie Mitchell
email: museum@horsham.gov.uk 
website: www.horshammuseum.org/information/information_2333.asp

Horsham Geological Field Club
contact name: Frank Diggon
email: none
website: http://freespace.virgin.net/hgf.c/

Friends of Horsham Park
contact name: Barbara Gardiner
email: fohpsec@aol.co.uk
website: http://www.horshampark.org

Horsham Society
contact name: Rod Cuming
email: secretary@horshamsociety.org 
website: www.horshamsociety.org/links.htm

Lower Beeding Association
contact name: Mrs J Fake
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/sussex-towns-and-villages-index.shtml

Nuthurst Society
contact name: Derek Bradnum
email: secretary@nuthurstsociety.org.uk
website: www.nuthurstsociety.org.uk/

Parham House and Gardens
contact name: none
email: enquiries@parhaminsussex.co.uk
website: www.parhaminsussex.co.uk

Partridge Green Local History Group
contact name: Dorothy Banks
email: dobanks@aol.com 
website: www.westsussex.info/partridge-green.shtml

Pulborough Society
contact name: Brian and Ann Ball
email: brianball@ukgateway.net 
website: www.pulborough.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=51

Rudgwick Preservation Society
contact name: Roger J Nash
email: rjnash@weyhurst.co.uk
website: www.westsussex.info/rudgwick.shtml

Friends of Shipley Mill
Currently closed to the Public
contact name: David French
email: none
website: www.shipleywindmill.org.uk/volunteers.htm

Shipley Local History Group
Contacts: Derek Larcombe Telephone: 01403 740048
or Claire Searle Telephone: 01403 741063
website: http://shipleyhistory.wordpress.com

Slinfold History Group
contact name: Diana Chatwin
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/slinfold.shtml

Southwater Local History Group
contact name: Judith Court
email: SLHG@Southwaterhistory.co.uk
website: www.southwaterhistory.co.uk

Steyning History Society
contact name: Ian Ivatt
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/steyning.shtml

Steyning Museum
contact name: Chris Tod
email: none
website: www.steyningmuseum.org.uk/communitypage.htm

Steyning Society
contact name: Mr P Harris
email: none
website: www.steyningmuseum.org.uk/communitypage.htm

Storrington and District Museum
contact name: Helen Whittle
email: none
website: www.storringtonmuseum.org/

Storrington Conservation Society
contact name: Mrs P Stanton
email: storringtonconservation@hotmail.co.uk
website: www.storringtonconservation.org.uk/

Storrington Rural Preservation Society
contact name: none
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/storrington.shtml

Warnham Historical Society
contact name: John Hamer
email: john.hamer@thebanks-warnham.fsnet.co.uk 
website: www.westsussex.info/sussex-towns-and-villages-index.shtml

West Chiltington Rural Preservation Society
contact name: Barry Wright
email: ikoyibd1@onetel.net 
website: www.wcrps.org/cm/

West Chiltington Museum
contact name: Peter Evans
email: none
website: www.westsussex.info/west-chiltington.shtml

West Grinstead Local History Group
contact name: Dorothy Banks
email: dobanks@aol.com 
website: www.westsussex.info/partridge-green.shtml

Wey and Arun Canal Trust
contact name: Julian Morgan
email: sec@weyandarun.co.uk 
website: www.weyandarun.co.uk/

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