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This display area aims to showcase members' work from local art groups and societies. If you or your group would like to consider a display here, please contact the curators for an informal discussion.

Currently on Display:

Taking a Closer Look – finding beauty in Museum objects

Horsham artist Liz de Pauley has taken a fresh view of many familiar Museum objects: some on display, some in store. Liz said: “Last year I was given the opportunity to make a collection of paintings inspired by Horsham Museum. The museum is crammed full of a fascinating variety of objects, and with so much to choose from, I decided to concentrate on useful objects, things that were designed to function rather than just to look good. These include agricultural machinery and the barn in which they are kept, kitchen equipment, a beehive and some spanners.

“When I started this project I looked through the kitchen equipment stored in the museum’s cramped and cluttered attic – each item kept in a specially made hessian bag. It was here I found the Kenwood mixer and the pressure cookers.  Being able to hold these things, which were in one sense just old stuff from someone’s kitchen, but were also museum artefacts, made me look at them in a different light and appreciate their intrinsic beauty, and also think about the people who had designed, made and used them.   “One of the best things about this project was when I worked in the museum.  Visitors popped into the Hurst Room and would ask me what I was doing; some would be interested in the process of making a picture, others were more interested in the objects and their history.

“For me, the best thing about making these paintings is that it encouraged me to look really closely, to see things many visitors to the museum probably miss, like the wording on the Dover Egg Beater, the sweet little bird engraved on the Longcase Clock’s face, and the wooden paddles you can glimpse inside the threshing machine.  I hope the pictures will encourage visitors to the museum to take a closer look as well."

‘Taking a Closer Look – finding beauty in Museum objects’ is now open and closes 23 August 2014. For further information please contact Jason Semmens, Curator.

Coming Next: Horsham Gingerbread

A traditional Horsham delicacy is setting tongues wagging and taste buds buzzing across the South East, as a favourite with children of all ages has been re-discovered and re-created. Children’s favourites very rarely die out, but this one did over 100 years ago, only to be replaced by a homogenised product that doesn’t do justice to the rich flavours and textures of its ancestors. Now, thanks to the discovery of a 200 year old handwritten recipe held in the archive of Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum, Lesley Ward has created the lost taste of Horsham Gingerbread. What makes this re-creation even more special is that it is a family recipe of Horsham’s greatest son, the poet Shelley. It is a recipe from the age of Byron, Shelley, Jane Austin and the Prince Regent.  Now sold as far afield as Bath, this exhibition in September will offer free tasters along with a display on gingerbread sellers and original gingerbread moulds.  Commencing 6 September.

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