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Flashing Blades

The Craft gallery features current work by some of the best of the District's craftsmen and women, including ceramics, glassware, tapestries and woodworking.

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Flashing Blades - The Art of Weaponry

Ever since humankind has been around there have been weapons. Unlike other animals, humankind has created tools to fight with and to cause maximum harm to others. Weapons are generally an extension of the arm or hand, creating a distance between you and the person you are attacking. The rifle can create a mile long extension, but it is still an extension. Weapons have also developed as status symbols of rank, and as they became more symbolic they acquired layers of ornamentation, often linked to the religious image, ultimate power being their God. Some weapons have become so ornamental and decorative that they lose all identity as a weapon.

Horsham Museum has been collecting weapons since its earliest days, with large numbers being donated during the 1930s and ʼ50s. Its strength lies in items from Indian sub-continent, Pacific islands and the African continent. This reflects the deaths of the collectors whose families had lost the interest in the Empire and such trophies.   Recent work by Professor Steven Pinker has shown that the world is getting less violent and less brutal, so the era of weaponry on display might be seen by future generations as the “golden age.”  

‘Flashing Blades – The Art of Weaponry’ is now open and closes 20 September 2014. For further information please contact Jeremy Knight, Museum & Heritage Manager.

Coming next:

An Exhibition by the Surrey Craft Guild  4 October - 25 October.

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