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The Craft gallery features current work by some of the best of the District's craftsmen and women, including ceramics, glassware, tapestries and woodworking.

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 Steyning Crafts & Artists, Opening 10 March to 9 May 2015

For over 1200 years the artists of Steyning have created works inspired by their surroundings. Now in 2015,  Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is showcasing the most recent creations by an artistic community that has been drawn to this ancient Saxon village. Nestling in the lea of the Sussex Downs and with a heritage going back to the earliest days of Saints and Kings, Steyning inspires artists to create outstanding works in all media. From the powerful bright landscapes of Sarah Duffield whose use of colours, which looks simplistic, but is subtle and challenging lift the spirit to the delicate fine reworking of nature by jeweller Katherine Lawrie, the exhibition Steyning Arts at Horsham, will delight all.

It is not only the landscapes that inspire but also the rich natural history of a medieval market town that takes full advantage of the chalk down lands, the rich alluvial soils of the river Adur and over 2000 years of farming. All of these traits are explored with the delicate pictures of Julia White with the fine tracery of ferns, whilst the majestic woodland of the scarp face that cradles Steyning is picture perfect in the art of Alison Milner-Gulland.

Steyning Arts at Horsham reveals just how talented the small community is, how they inspire, challenge and work together to create a rich dynamic artistic community, a true renaissance of culture that future generations will marvel at. From the glistening sculpture of Carol Wagstaff, the stained glass of Debbie Forsdyke, to photography by Frank Bull and lino cuts of Carol Parker, Steyning Arts has real depth.

One of the features of this exhibition is the opportunity on five Saturdays to meet the artists, to enjoy good conversations with the creative minds behind the artworks on display. It adds another dimension to a multifaceted exhibition.

Steyning Arts at Horsham enables 20 Steyning based artists to give just a taste of what they achieve; not only will it inspire artists and craftsmen but also encourage people to explore a truly fascinating medieval market town only 15 miles from Horsham, but in many respects another world. 


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