Art Gallery

Reclaiming childhood

Sited in the former dining room of the house during the Georgian and Victorian eras, the Art Gallery features a regular programme of exhibitions by some of the district's most exciting artists. We aim to develop and feature exhibitions by professional artists and crafts people with strong individual styles and distinct narratives to their work.

Currently Exhibiting:

Philip Padwick- A Twentieth Century Georgian Artist

 5 September - 25 October.  Philip Padwick (1876-1958) was born in the manor house opposite the Museum in Horsham and he learnt his trade in Paris in the 1930s.   His work was popular 100 years ago but today little known.  This exhibition celebrates his talents and offers a chance to view his works.


Coming Next:

Adele Gibson - 4 November 2014  to 3 January 2015.   Adele's work features landscapes of the South Downs. More details to follow.

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